Rules and Regulations

Rules And Regulations of Bombay Neurosciences Association

1.      The name of the society shall be "Bombay Neurosciences Association" (BNA)'
2.      The aims and objectives for which the society is set up are:
          a.    To maintain close association and cooperation, among those devoting full time to the branch of neurological sciences'
          b.    To maintain the highest standards in the ethics and practice of this speciality.
          c.     To give adequate training to those who are properly qualified and to those who intend to take up this speciality
          d.    To promote and encourage research in the clinical and experimental work pertaining to the neurosciences
3.      In pursuit of these objectives, there shall be:
          I.       Life members – all full members are eligible for life membership
          II.      Full members
          III.     Associate members
          IV.    Honorary Life members

Life and full Membership shall be restricted to :
Those in full time practice of any branch of neurological sciences and possessing a postgraduate degree or diploma in the concerned subject and also residing in Mumbai'. Those with postgraduate degree or diploma in a general speciality or equivalent qualifications and engaged in exclusive neurological practice provided he/she is adult member of Neurological Society of lndia (NSI) / Indian Academy of Neurology (lAN)

Associate membership may be-offered to:
Trainees in various branches of Neurosciences and members of allied specialties and to fully qualified Neuroscientists residing outside Mumbai' Life and full members will have full voting rights and associate members will not have any voting rights' Honorary Life members / Patrons of BNA may be: Senior members who have given exemplary services for promotion of speciality' However, they will not exercise voting rights' Appointment for Membership will be scrutinized by the Executive Committee & presented to the General Body for approval'

Resignation from membership must be given in writing addressed to the Secretary, giving detailed reasons.

Members shall take part in all activities of the society like the regular neurosciences meetings, participation in discussions, symposia, workshops and conferences conducted by the society. The subscription fee for Life members shall be Rs 3000/- Full members Rs. 500/- and Associate members, Rs. 200, plus a one-time enrolment fee of Rs.250/- for all categories of membership'

The Executive Committee will consist of nine members : President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, one neurosurgeon, one neurologist, one from allied neurosciences and two past presidents. Their tenure will be as follows:  

one year
Vice President 
one year
three years
three years
Three Committee Members   
three years
Two Immediate Past Presidents
one year

In the event of a tie, the President or the presiding Executive Committee Members will have an additional casting vote

The office bearers and members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by secret ballot with a set time schedule and code of conduct. The secretary in consultation with the Executive Committee will conduct the elections and supervise the counting of votes. The election results would be declared by the Secretary at the Executive Committee and General Body Meeting.

Criteria for the election of the office bearers are :
Vice President – minimum 10 years continuous membership of NSI / IAN / BNA.
Secretary – minimum 7 years continuous membership of NSI / IAN / BNA.
Treasurer – minimum 7 years continuous membership of NSI / IAN / BNA.
Executive Committee Member – minimum 4 years continuous membership of NSI / IAN / BNA.

There will be no election for President. Vice President elected for the particular year will be President for the next year. Elections for the Vice President will be held every year. Election for the post of Treasurer, Secretary and Executive Committee Members will be held every three years. They may contest for the same office for an additional term.

Regular academic meetings to be held on a rotational basis at established Neurology / Neurosurgical departments. There will be at least one annual meeting.
General Body Meeting will be held at least once in a year and Executive Committee Meetings will be held at least twice a year and whenever the need arises.
The General Body Meeting shall comprise Members of the Association only and will be held once a year at a suitable time and place. The said meeting shall be held within 90 days from the closing of the financial year.

The audited accounts of the association will be submitted by the Treasurer to the Executive Committee during the Executive Committee meeting to be presented to the General Body for final approval. The financial year of the Society shall be from 1st April to 31st March.

Place of Jurisdiction – Greater Mumbai

General Body – powers and work jurisdiction
All members of the society collectively constitute the general body. It is the final authority to take all the decisions. General Body Meeting will be called at least once a year. The Executive Committee will be responsible to the General Body. It will give sanction to the audited accounts of the society. It will give sanction for the provisional accounts of the next year. It will elect members of the executive committee.

General Body Meeting and quorum
General Body meeting will be called with at least 30 days prior notice. At least 1/3rd members should be present to complete the quorum. In the absence of the full quorum, meeting will be recalled at the same place after 30 minutes.

Special General Body meeting and its jurisdiction
1/3rd of the General Body members or the Executive Committee can call for an extraordinary General Body meeting by a prior written notice of 15 days. In such cases, the President / Secretary or in their absence any member of the Executive Committee can conduct a General Body meeting.

Duties of the President
He will preside over all the meetings of the society. He will be responsible for proper functioning and well being of the society. In the case of a tie, he will have special casting vote.

Duties of the Vice president
In the absence of the President, he will hold the charge and carry out the duties of the President.

Duties of the Secretary
Shall maintain the records of the Society, maintain the list of members, send notices of the meetings, conduct the meetings as per the rules of the society, conduct the elections to the Executive Committee and maintain all the records of the meetings.

Duties of the Treasurer
Keep records of all accounts of the Society. He / She will maintain the bank records, passbook, cheque books etc, and present the audited account to the Executive Committee and the General Body.

Duties and Powers of the Executive Committee members
Members shall carry out all such acts which promote the aims and objectives of the society such as:

Recommend admission of new members to the Society
Conduct elections of the Executive Committee members
Hold General Body meetings
Oversee finances of the society
To receive and accept donations, gifts, grants or contributions in kind and cash from any person or persons, associations, societies, companies, charitable trusts or government authority for the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the association, in its absolute discretion as ii may think fit.

Duties of the Members
Attend meetings, vote for the Executive Committee, fulfill aims and objectives of BNA and pay the membership dues.

Executive Committee Meetings
Will meet at least twice a year. lf demanded by members an extraordinary meeting will have to be called within 15 days with due notice mentioning the cause. For regular meetings at least one month's prior notice is to be given. At least 2/3rd members should be present. If not, then the meeting can be recalled at the same place after 15 minutes.

Rule for filling a vacant post in the Executive committee
To be filled by co-option by the Executive Committee till the next General Body meeting. In the event of Vice Presidents post falling vacant, it has to be immediately filled by calling for an extraordinary election.

Source of Income of the Association will be generated by Membership fees, donations, interest on deposits etc.

Bank account
To be opened in the name of the Society with any scheduled bank Cheques will be signed by either two of the President, secretary and treasurer.         

Purchase of immovable property and sale will be conducted after decision of the General Body and as per section 36 of the Bombay Public Trusts Act' 1950 with prior permission of Charity Commissioner Maharashtra State'

Power to invest and sell the investments
The Executive Committee shall invest the society funds in the purchase of immovable properties or in securities authorised by / or any statutory enactment or modifications thereof and vary or transpose the same. For the purpose of sale of immovable property, prior permission of Charity commissioner, Maharashtra is necessary.

Borrowing Power of Executive Committee:
Executive committee shall borrow money for the purpose of or on behalf of society with approval from the General Body.

No Executive Member shall borrow moneys (whether by way of mortgage or otherwise) for purpose of or on behalf of the society except with the previous sanction of the Executive Committee and the Charity Commissioner & subject to such condition and limitation as may be imposed by him in the interest or protection of the Society.

All proposed amendments to the Rules & Regulations must be signed by three voting members and submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Society at least four months prior to the next meeting'

The Secretary must notify the voting members by mail of the proposed amendment at least 3 months prior to the next meeting. The amendment proceeds in Rules should take place in the annual general body meeting and resolution in the regard should be pursued by 3/5 majority'

The Rules and Regulations and Memorandum of Association may be amended by :
A two thirds affirmative vote of the voting members by secret ballot at the meeting'

The Executive committee can make any recommendations realterations' amendments and modification of the provisions of this Rules and Regulations to the General Body giving a prior notice or at least 3 months. However, the General Body only shall be entitled to alter, amend or modify name or object or any of the provisions of this Rules and Regulations for the purpose of amendments in Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulations, the provisions laid down u/s 12 & 12 (a) of the Societies Registration Act, l860 shall be applied.

In the event of dissolution or final liquidation of the Society, all of its assets remaining after payment of its obligations have been made or provided for shall be distributed to and among such corporations, foundations, or other organizations operated exclusively for scientific and educational purpose consistent with those of the society. For the purpose of dissolution, provisions laid down u/s 13 & 14 of the Societies Registration Act, 1860, shall be applied

This is the true and correct copy of Rules and Regulations of BOMBAY NEUROSCIENCES ASSOCIATION.

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